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Mythic Manny 86'd!!

Smexiikitten a posted Aug 9, 16

Movin' right along

Yoshimeti a posted Mar 2, 16


11 down, 2 to go. carry on team. 

Fel Lord 86'd

Yoshimeti a posted Jan 19, 16

Iskar bit the dust!

Yoshimeti a posted Dec 28, 15

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Mumble has been horrible Request a refund and migrate to discord. imo
Sorry i posted late, I have a lot of things i need to catch up on today. I hope to maybe be back mid raid, but honestly I'm not sure. I will Def'n be on tomorrow, and monday, just not sure about today. Sorry guys :(
Sorry Vev, I hope you get better quickly.. /hug
take care Vev, get better.
I payed for mumble, and upgraded us to a 50 slot server. Hopefully for the time being we will not have issues with people unable to connect due to too many being on.